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The Inn and the Inn Keepers: Jeff and Monika

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Jeff and Monika Jeff and Monika were our hosts extraordinare. They haven't always been inn-keepers. Monika's background is in ballet. She is also an award-winning chef, working in an award-winning bed and breakfast, who previously studied and wrote her thesis on Moroccan cuisine in Morocco! They have a website with more information about her cooking classes, cookbook, and awards, as well as a blog where she discusses her passion which is all about food. She enjoys many facets of cooking -- specializing in Medditeranean cuisine as well as researching, preparing, teaching, and serving gluten-free foods. Don't believe me? Check out these videos!

It was not surprising to learn that Jeff is, in his words, a retired dancer. He shared a little bit about his former life, but we would need much more talk time because he, too, has much knowledge of theater life. He tried to think of a play that would bring them out of retirement -- and for a brief moment considered the part of Tevye (see pose as Tevye above), from Fiddler on the Roof; and suggested Monika might consider Peter Pan (who posed appropriately). Hate to bring up typecasting here -- but they seemed to be on the mark. (see photo below). Monika and Jeff also wanted to be sure we were introduced to her distant relative (via portrait) from Hungary, Captain Bacharach (click to enlarge the picture, as well).

The Inn is an eclectic collection of several styles that spark interest and conversation. They have photos on their website and there are a bunch on this one. :-)

The first view of the Inn was exciting. It was so pretty and well-kept from the outside. Can't wait to show you some of the inside. The Green Room was actually a Suite. The main room of the Suite was a double bed with bathroom, an additional single room, and a private dining / tv area. There were two staircases from the Suite -- one led to the foyer; the second to the kitchen / pantry area. This room used to be the maid's quarters and we were a given a key to remind us. I suppose everybody doesn't take pictures of all the wall decorations and photos, but I do. The is the extra bedroom in the suite that we didn't need. Interesting nooks and crannies full of all sorts of eye candy, i.e. The Lark. The was the hallway that connected our suite. The stairs in the foreground lead to the kitchen / pantry area. The door on the left leads to the small room with the single bed. There are two doors straight ahead -- one leads to our dining / tv area and straight ahead is another stairway that goes to the foyer.

The above are several views of the Green Room Suite. This Suite was where Jerry and I stayed which included: Dinner, Theatre, and Breakfast.

I love the canopy on this bed. This is the Blue Room if you are thinking of making a reservation. Yes, this is the same photo you just saw -- I just decided to use some of my photoshop skills to give it a different look. This is detail from the Blue Room. Is this a closet or a chifferobe? I didn't open the doors to see what it is used for. Silly me. Flower close ups are next. :-) Sure enough! Just as promised ... these flowers are a nice, bright, happy touch to a room that is nice, bright and happy to start with Just one last view of the Blue Room.

The Blue Room. We were able to visit all the rooms because we were the first guests to arrive. I took a lot of photos so I could share the Inn experience.

Two rooms to go. This is called the Federal Room. Love these rich colors. So I got a lot of views of the corners and furniture of this room. Left of the bed. And right of the bed. I love the portraits that hang on either side of this bed. I wish I knew them. And I'm glad somebody rescued them. This is a civilized view of the bathroom area. Oh, my! This appears to be another view of the bed in the Federal Room. It really does look comfy, doesn't it? Nice little book reading, contemplating, r and r area of this large room. I absolutely love this photo and the frames the are enhanced with.

The Federal Room was beautiful as well.

The largest and last room of this tour. The is the Rosewood Room. Check out the rates on their website. Same song, different verse. Pretty, ain't it? Nice tub, eh? If you were to stay in the Rosewood Room, this would be your dining area. Or, we are told, they could turn this into an additional bedroom and of course you still have the dining rooms downstairs. Just pretty little details worthy of their own photograph. AND the last photograph on the page!

The Rosewood Suite was pretty, large, detailed, and a great place to stay.