Birthday Collage

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The Inn and the Inn Keeper's Relatives: Ann, Peter and Officer Bacharach with a special guest appearance by Tevye!

Monika: This is a page that is just for you and Jeff. Since I'm altering your photo in ways you may not like (but of course I hope you do), the photos are private to you (unless you tell me otherwise). I hope you don't mind my having fun with photoshop - in keeping with your relative theme. If you click on the photos they will enlarge.... slowly most likely as they are higher resolution for better detail. P.S. I just added Tevye.

Jeff and Monika

First of all here you are so we can see the real resemblance to the Officer. Dressing you in the Captain's clothes, prompted me to look for more suitable dress. I found Ann. I don't know who Ann of Cleves is, but I have a suspicion she was related to Officer Bacharach. This photo will likely enlarge slowly also.

This is the other relative I found for you. Of course I have to play fair and post my inspirations as well.

Monika Ann of Cleves

Portrait of Ann






At Breakfast


This is the picture you asked me for. Just plain, straight up, no special effects Officer Bacharach and Monika (click to enlarge).

Monika with her Relative

Peter P. Pan O.K. Here's your Peter Pan and here's mine.

Monika as Peter P.

Thanks for your hospitality, your warmth, and your passion about what you do. You do it well!

Yes, I think Tevye will work very nicely!