Birthday Collage

Jerry Home Highland Parade starved rock early morning tree early morning pond Festival 56 Theatre I-80W Trip. This photo rocks! Jerry Home Page

Tour of the Area:

Note: We thorouhly enjoyed a tour of the area ... as much as we could for the time frame. Tampico, Buda (pronounced BeeUdah), Princeton, Peru, Ohio, Walnut, Sheffield, Hennepin Locks, The Red Bridge and ... I'm sure I'm leaving something out. .

Toby and Zach in Illinois Fuel: From Trees to Turbines 250 years! Ronald Regan's Birthplace: 111 Main Street, USA! Honest! Ronald Regan Memorial Park Plaque Commemorating Ronald Regan in Tampico, Illinois. He was born February 9, 1911. Ronald Wilson Reagan. He was born at home. Wahoo!